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The Heroes When the subject of war and US troops rises to the surface, people have plenty to say about it. The most trending view however is that the troops are heroes; the view is that citizens should have the upmost respect and gratitude for all they do, and it is easy to see why. The public always hears about the valiant acts these young warriors have selflessly committed, or the tragic death tolls and incidents that have cost one of the soldiers their lives, or the actions these noble fighters have accomplished. Society has always been taught to praise and honor these combatants in camo. America has days to pay respect these gallant heroes; all that the public is taught is that they lay their life down every day for our freedom and that we must have nothing but admiration towards them. But in reality, the armed forces have become the very exact thing that they have been battling for years; they are terrorists. It is not very often that one hears about what goes on beyond the borders; the other side of the story rarely, if ever, comes out to the light. The US citizens never hear about the tens and thousands of carcasses left behind and referred to as “collateral damage”, all caused by The Heroes. The US citizens never hear about the horrendous mistakes that take place in Guantanamo Bay. The US citizens are never exposed to the brutal reality of what the USA’s idolized army is really up to in other foreign countries. Our government has made it a purpose to craft the mainstream media’s output to shed nothing but positive light onto The Heroes and of course it works; three fourths of America approve of the US military action (Crosgove-Mather). When the public sits down to watch the news, all they see is America trying to be the constabulary of the world, which theoretically, is good. But once power is taken advantage of, and when it creates an ego, that’s when

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