The Hero Analysis

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The poem ‘The hero’ give us the real picture of how some ‘cold-footed’ soldiers die being blown into pieces and it also expresses the hypocrisy hidden behind the glory of war, but in reality there’s nothing glorious about it. Many youths are forced to join the army and therefore are driven to their death against their wish. In this poem Jack lacks the bravery of a true soldier and that’s why he’s blown into pieces while trying to escape. He meets an unpleasant death which is then portrayed as a heroic sacrifice to his mother. This poem is an attempt by Siegfried Sassoon to tear off the mask of war and reveal the horror that’s hidden, through a variety of techniques. The poem includes three stanzas of six lines each, made up of rhyming caplets, excluding the four first lines of the second stanza. Rhyming couplets are particularly effective in emphasizing feelings and statements. ’proud/bowed’ In these case a rhyming couplet is used to present a contrast between the mothers’ feelings. ‘broke/choke’ Here a rhyming is used by the poet in order to emphasize the mothers’ trauma and desolation which shows that she was affected emotionally and physically. The title of the poem ‘‘The Hero’’ is an oxymoron in comparison with the rest of the poem. Meaning that it is ironically termed in order to create a comparison between the real meaning of a hero and Jack who is the kind of coward who gains the contempt of his comrades by trying to escape. The ironic tone of the title also raises the question of what a hero is through the whole poem which shows how cruel the war is to have destroyed precious ideas of heroism. The first stanza begins with ‘‘Jack fell as he’d have wished, the Mother said’’ An image of a grieving mother opens the poem. The poet chooses an everyday euphemism to be the mothers’ words. ‘’Jack fell’’ It implies an honorable soldier’s death, falling in action,
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