The Help & Colour Purple Essay

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Senior Thesis The Help During the 1960’s , Skeeter a southern 22 year old women returns to her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi from college with her diploma. When she arrives home, she finds that her loving and caring maid Constantine is gone. She turns the town upside when she decides to interview the black women who have spent their lives taking care of white families. She enlists the help of Abilieen to gather more maids so she can write a manuscript about their experiences as the Help. As Skeeter’s manuscript on the domestic starts to take form, her love life also progresses. Stuart appears to be the answer to both Skeeter and her dying mother’s prayer. Her mom being diagnosed with cancer, Skeeter retreats to a time when she felt the most safe and comfortable, under the precious care of the loving maid Constantine. Looking for answers on Constantine abrupt disappearance, she asks Aibileen a string of questions. But Aibileen silently mourns the death of her son. To make compensate the loss of her son, Aibileen develops a special connection with Miss Leefolt’s daughter, Mae Mobley. She attempts to teach the child several things including self worth. Though she dares not tell Stuart what she has been working on, he appears to be supportive on her quest to become a writer. When Skeeter her satchel filled with important research notes for her manuscript, her mother finds it and demands to know the madness she has been up to. SKeeter quickly lies and pretends her work is nothing of significance. But with each secret meeting with the Help, Skeeter is drawn more and more into the injustice of the system of segregation. Once her book, titled Help is published it causes a ripple effect, everyone who participate d in the construction of the book has immediate consequences. While SKeeter’s book becomes a best seller, this enables her to break free of the societal
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