The Headless Headman

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The Headless Horseman One Halloween night these 3 boys named Michael, Astrid, and Dante were at Michael’s house. They were telling dreadful stories of the past. It was my turn (I’m Michael) to tell a story but then my Tio Oscar. He came in and was going to tell us a story of the Headless Horseman. It started 300 years ago at midnight at a little place called “Sleepy Hollow or Washington Irving”. 100 people lived in the village, 75% adults and 25% children. 3 children were wondering around the woods. One of them heard a horse going “neigh” “neigh” and one saw a giant tree. It had pumpkins around it and a gargantuan part of the tree broke of! And out popped a headless hessian horseman soldier and he was on his fierce horse! Then he killed them without them say anything and then put pumpkins on their heads! After he went to the village to kill every adult and children in his sight. Next he got there and terrorized the village. He inspected the village for any survivors but no one was alive. But little did he know a 13year old was alive! Now the Headless Horseman comes every 200 years at midnight on Halloween. “Boo!” Astrid yelled and scared the bejebees out of me and Dante. “What weenies” Astrid said then my Tio Oscar howled with laughter. So now it was time for us to go tick or treating. 1hr later it was midnight and we had all kinds of candy! Now we were going to destroy a house with eggs. But we were smart and wrapped them with toilet paper on them for no evidence of our fingerprints. Afterward we saw an awful, gross, and disgusting (it had a lot of moss) and it had pumpkins around it! “Oh my goodness!” said Dante and we just stared at it and a huge chunk broke off. When it broke off we saw nothing, just darkness. “Lets get out of here” said Dante. Then all of a sudden the Headless Horseman came out with pumpkins! He said” Your search is
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