The Head Of a Roman Youth Essay

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The Head of a Roman Youth is a marble sculpture made sometime between 140 and 170. It is a portrait of the head of a young boy with an abundance of curly hair and a smooth, youthful face. Today this sculpture in the round is held in the Dallas Museum of Art. The sculpture is eleven by eight and a half inches which is a little larger than life-like, especially for a young boy. The marble is mostly white but could have been painted at one time. Drillwork appears to have been used to cut deep grooves forming his curls. The lines that are his eyelids and ears are also very deep. However the eyebrows are shown with thin, shallow lines. Each part of his eye is carved indicating the pupil, iris, and sclera. His nose has been broken off at some point and the surface is rough where it used to be. It also looks like there has been some damage to his hair in one place. It could be possible that there was once a body attached to the head. Shading is used extensively on his entire face especially in his ears, right below his lower lip, in his hair, and in the corners of his eyes. Overall he looks like a sleepy or sad young boy. Naturalistic and idealized aspects are included in this piece of art. His face is fleshy with smooth cheeks, stylized curls, and gently curving ears. However there are certain aspects about his facial features which are not as idealistic. His face is not totally symmetrical. One ear is more covered by hair and also doesn’t come as far out from his head. The upper lip sticks out slightly over the lower one which is fuller than the thin top lip. The eyes, which are not exactly identical, look to the right not straight on. They also have puffy circles under them. These are features an actual person might have but are not usually considered optimal. This sculpture was made during the second century in Rome. This was the period of Antonine Emperors.

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