“the Hazards Presented by Volcanic and Seismic Events Have the Greatest Impact on the World’s Poorest People” to What Extent Do You Agree with This View?

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Everyday day across the world, plate tectonics and their respective movements cause various seismic and volcanic hazards and a common idea is that the poorest people suffer the greatest from the impacts of these hazards in their LDCs. This, however, is only true in some cases as there are several other factors that affect how severely people are impacted by the hazards in both human and physical ways. I personally disagree with this view and this is due to several topics I have studied considering both human and physical factors. The first point I will make is based simply on the fact that volcanoes and earthquakes can have different hazards within them both primary and secondary which can have the same impacts no matter whether you are rich or poor, a tectonic hazard does not specifically target poorer people, it affects the area surrounding the cause. With a volcano you can have different types of hazard depending on the location is respect to constructive and destructive margins and also including hot spots, at a constructive margin or hot spot you find shield volcanoes with basaltic lava and these eruptions are common enough that you can stay away from the danger zone at which point you are in little or no danger, Mauna Loa in Hawaii is a good example of this as nobody lives close enough to the vent to be in danger. When you look at a volcano near to a destructive margin like the Soufriere Hills eruption that has large explosions of viscous lava, which is followed by tephra, volcanic gases and pyroclastic flows it is much more difficult to predict and escape the dangerous areas. Plymouth the capital city was obliterated by one of these avalanches of searing hot ash and the pyroclastic flow is basically unstoppable; this means that whether you are rich or poor, if you get caught in the path you will be killed or lose all of your belongings that you didn’t save.
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