The Hatchet Summary

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In the book hatchet written by Gary Paulson an important character is Brian Robeson. Brian is a 14 year old boy who is lonely, depressed and angry because his parents are divorced. He is a city boy used to being looked after and pampered in everything he does. He cannot cope in the wild but learns to survive. When Brian crash lands in the canadian rain forest he is unable to cope and he feels resentful and scared. Adapting to this environment wasn't easy for Brian with no one to talk to and the loss of another human being and the latest of knocks leading to minor injuries. Throughout the whole adventure the divorce clouds over his head haunt him from thinking properly. But what ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Once again he gains control over his thoughts and his physical needs started taking over.…show more content…
One of his problems was finding food and cooking it. Food was the most important thing in the world, without no food he would slowly die losing every ounce of energy he has left and all his hope would disappear into the wind. With this in his mind he knew that he had to work hard for his food. So he hunted it and caught it. He couldn't just go and buy it from a shop like he usually would anymore, but when he finaly obtains food he treasures it like his last meal he will ever have. 'Never in all the food, all the hamburgers and milkshakes, all the fries or meals at home, never in all the sweets or pies or cakes, never in all the roasts or steaks or pizza, never, never, never, had he tasted anything as fine as that first bite of meat.' This shows us that he is not giving up on hope, is devloping new skills, learning to cope without the luxary of his city life and not taking all the modern technology we have today for granted like matches and takeaway shops, because he finally realises that things would be a lot more easier with
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