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The Harry Porter Books And The First Amendment Essay

  • Submitted by: jzang2005
  • on May 25, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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What do York, PA, Alamogordo, NM, Duvall County, FL, Oskaloosa, KS, Fargo, ND, Copley Township, OH, Modesto, CA, Lewiston, ME, Jacksonville, FL and Zeeland, MI all have in common?   All these cities have the dubious honor of capturing national headlines for trying to ban the Harry Potter books.   In these cities, firemen, pastors, reverends, churches, parents, school officials and even school teachers are convinced that the books promote evil and the occult.   At first glance, the Potter books look like unlikely candidates for all this negative press. Designed for pre- and early teens, the series covers the adventures of Harry Potter, an orphan growing up in London. Abused and forced to live in a dingy attic space at his cruel uncle's house, Potter's fortunes take a dramatic turn for the better when he learns he is descended from a long line of wizards and is invited to attend Hogwarts, a private academy for wizards in training.   The series is phenomenally popular, and the books so far have sold millions worldwide. So why all the fuss?   According to DeMitchel and Carney, professors of education at the University of New Hampshire, “parents who have been told that Christianity must be kept out of the schools due to the ‘separation of church and state’ are now trying to protect their children from classroom discussions about paganism and the occult”. (DeMitchell and Carney 160).   As a result of their beliefs, religious and conservative groups and individuals are trying to get the books restricted or removed from the schools and public libraries. Even though magic and wizardry are major themes in the Potter books, the decision to remove these books from a school’s curriculum will squash a student’s fundamental right to receive information and ideas.   Further, the removal of the books from library shelves, or the restriction to access of the books at the library will violate the First Amendment of the Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech.
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