The Harlequins Carnival: Joan Miro

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Angie Rolfe-Stroh Art 245 03/18/2014 S. Greer The Harlequins Carnival- Joan Miro Art comes to us in many shapes and forms. That is exactly what Joan Miro has done. Miro has used toys, bugs, instruments, round and horizontal lines, many neutral and dark colors. There is a foreground in the photo, and many wavy lines. This piece is very busy, there are many overlapping wavy lines and objects such as the toys. There is a stillness in the scene out the window. The use of color is very basic and simple as well. The theme portrayed is a child’s playroom. There is also a repetitive use of circles and diagonal lines. The meaning of this artwork portrayed to me is that he is trying to bring life into a childhood playroom that was from
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