The Happiest Refugee

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The “Happiest Refugee” is the official autobiography of the Australian comedian Anh Do. The book is based around his life story starting in Vietnam and then becoming a fascinating story about his triumphs and darkest hours. They went through many challenges in this book that will be explored in this essay, some of these things included the struggles they faced in their arrival to Australia, having an abusive father and then battling with the struggles of being different to everyone. In this autobiography the “Happiest Refugee” Anh Do’s family’s struggles began at a very early stage in the book. Their struggles started in a boat and included pirates, torture and illness. “The goal was to reach to Malaysia and the journey was going to complicated and potentially life-threatening “In this section of Anh’s autobiography it talks about the traumas of the boat trip. The boat trip was a very intense time that included being attacked and threatened. One of the events that happened in this experience was the potential rape by passing pirates. They lost everything on the boat trip down including the engine but some light was shown on the experience when Anh father helped fix the broken old one. They descended on us angrily, striking random faces to assert their intent, yanking off bracelets and rings from trembling hands.’ After all the struggles and hard work came triumph . After fighting through the worst living conditions and trying to not die of starvation and being dehydrated from the lack of clean filtered water around . They came across a german cruise ship , which sent down a rope and pulled them all up and saved them from a death sentence . We made friends, traded stories and shared experiences, and realised that our boat had indeed been incredibly lucky. They had to face the weather, torture, torment, rape and worse they went to hell and back but still managed to

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