The Hangover Vs. Coming To America

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The Hangover vs. Coming to America Comedy films have been entertaining the world for years, and as the years pass, filmmakers are constantly changing their humor and delivery to adapt to our rapid fast paced culture and society. While film directors Todd Phillips (The Hangover) and Jon Landis (Coming to America) have both created some very memorable, yet humorous films. Phillips’ film embodied one of the insane thoughts one would consider when having a bachelor party in Vegas. Landis’ film told a story of a Prince from Africa seeking to dismiss tradition in his family and search for his bride. Although they were created about 20 years apart, both comedies shared the same dry sense of humor, silly random characters and similar male oriented…show more content…
For example, when Bradley Cooper’s character works out a deal with the Officers so that they wouldn’t have to stay in jail over the weekend. He volunteered the boys to be used as a demonstration for the use of taser guns on criminals. The physical abuse and the situation is hilarious, but may be geared more to the present times. The gags and situations in these films are depicted differently for the audiences, as there is clearly a visual difference in the times the movies take place and the delivery of the material. The Hangover chose to use physical abuse to their advantage, where as Coming to America left went for a more situational, verbal approach. Besides the gag delivery and jokes told, another difference in the films was the…show more content…
In Coming to America the story is about a Prince from Africa coming to America in order to a woman he can marry. Prince Akeem is the crowned Prince of Zamunda. Due to tradition, his parents arranged for him to be married to some girl he has never met before and he doesn’t approve of that. On his marriage day, he delays his marriage and his father allows him to go to America for 40 days in order to “fulfill every erotic desire” he wants but when he returns he must marry the woman they arranged for him to marry. Behind all of this begins the love story aspect, all while showing a boy from Africa coming to America in order to experience American culture and ultimately break tradition. The movie is clearly shown to be somewhere in the 1980’s, people dress differently, their hair looks totally 80’s and the music being played was nothing like the music of

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