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Gwendolyn Alston pg1 Eng 102 CO5 Cameron Wright 11/18/12 Drama Unit Assessment The Handmaids Tale The Handmaids Tale is a story of psychological weakening, stolen freedom of choice and forced religious beliefs. I plan to assess this story from female point of view with a psycho analytical undertone. A new society is created by a group of egotistical people who think their race is supreme and powerful. The majority of the people who reside in this society are white males and females. Strength and power are maintained by any means necessary including torture an death. Being surrounded by rules that must be obeyed because of being afraid of the torture that will be received, the people in the society have no choice but to obey…show more content…
This power structure is kept strong by making failures out of oneself and taking away any independence the women may have including the wives. The handmaids are raped and forced into childbirth and the wives are equally imprisoned because they are married to the masterminds of such a hideous society. I cannot imagine living is a society where my choice to have a child is stolen from me. Society that will punish with death or torture if I decide to rebel against child birth. Birth is a gift given to a woman’s body from GOD. It’s purpose is to bring life and add to humanity. The Gilead society forces women to be sexually used by the commanders. The handmaid has no choice but to give birth to the child is she becomes impregnated, and the give the life she carried inside her to a rapist and his wife. Again, The strong rules of the society gives the handmaid no choice but to…show more content…
As a women I cannot see myself living in a society like Gilead. I think having the right to say “yes” or “no” to having a child is something most valuable to women. No one has so much power that can tell a women when she can and cannot have a child, she also has the option to chose who she will conceive with and weather or not she will give the bay up for adoption. Forcefully taking a baby from it’s mother is a prime way to kill a women’s psychological foundation, while pregnant an women develops “mothers intuition” and with this love for her unborn baby grows. She feels a sense of closeness to a life she will not know for 9months, now imagine someone taking that love away from her. The mental damaging would spiral her into an abyss of a weak state of

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