The Gun Situation Essay

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The Gun Regulation (Final) Who in here think having a gun is safe? Who in here think that possession of a gun is bad for our environment? If you guys are not sure which side to be in, then you should read on these two sources that explain what they think guns do to our world. The source that explains how gun is a good tool to have is explained in this youtube video, titled “Twangnbang’s 2nd Amendment Minute: Do Guns Make Us Safer?.” However, there is another article that goes against the argument made in the youtube video, “ The Massive Human and Moral Cost Of Gun Violence” written by Edelman. She talks about how gun causes kids to join gangs just to feel safe or secured because they think that their parents cannot protect them. The two sources both want their readers to do something about modern gun issues, both uses statistical facts to defend their own argument , even though they both have different view on modern gun issues. Twangnbang and Edelman both have their own ways of proving their points of view in gun regulations. Twangbang main fighting point on favoring gun ownership is based on that countries that don’t have pro-gun ownership mentality have higher homicide and rape. He stated “ United Kingdom has 2,034 violent crime per 100,000 people, such as rape, beating, homicide, etc. United Kingdom had four and half time more violent crime than United States.”(2:02-2:07) Whereas, Edelman uses real people experiences to support her argument by expressing how kids are not feeling safe in their own home which lead to their need to join a gang just to feel safe. “It has made them (teens) want to or feel they have to get a gun or join a gang to feel safe.” (Edelman) As you can see that they both are in opposing sides. Again, Twangbang want us to see how other country are having higher rates of crimes with the gun regulation compared to the crime rate in the

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