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The Guide to Phlan Well met again, gentles; Volothamp Geddarm, at thy service! This time I bring you lore of the city of Phlan! This barbaric town nestled on the shores of the Moonsea is surrounded by legendary ruins, vast mountains, and dangerous people. Few travel to Phlan who seek to just look around, rather many are drawn there for the adventures for riches, glory and power. For the curious, well, there is me. I have walked its streets, braved all the city has to offer (or most of it), and I've lived to tell the tale here. And believe me, if you could do as I have done, you'd be a coin purse lighter and awake as some mad mage's experiment, or worse. The Harbor District Phlan's harbor is a dangerous place at night, and it's considered a feat if you can leave it with your purse intact. By day, it is here that the supplies and adventurers arrive, and the first inn you'll find is the Laughing Goblin. The inn is owned by the former adventurer, Boradak Goblinkicker, who loves to regale his guests with sordid tales and rough humor. Aside from the inn, there is also the Aventus estate. Owned by the "Lady" Mariana Aventus, they are a group of bounty hunters who ruthlessly carry out their trade. To be hunted by Aventus bounty hunters is not an experience I'd suggest. Besides those prominent buildings, there are only warehouses and worse, The Sword and Serpent. I'd highly suggest avoiding the place, as it's filled with the roughest sort of sailors and pirates to ever sail the seas. It's a tavern where outsiders are not welcome, and that lovely “lady” who is entertaining you? She just slipped you a sleeping potion and when you awake, you'll find that you're the newest member of a ship's crew. You know, the kind that is chained to an oar and gets beaten if you don't row hard enough. Old City District This district is home to the town's guards,

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