The Gruesome Truth About the Middle Ages Essay

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Dear diary, My name is Amelia Charlotte Machado and I am 10 years old. Today is the 1/6/1496. I started writing this diary because Bella, my best friend, is writing one. She always talks about how fun it is, so I thought I should give it a try. Today was excellent! In grammar school a new boy came into class he said his name was James Coli and he just moved from Scotland to London a week ago. He is very nice and I think I want him to be best friends with Bella and I. After grammar school Bella, James and I went into town square. In town square we went to the bakery, the tailor and the book store. The book store was my favourite because I finally found the book I have been searching for. After that we went back to my castle and had afternoon tea with my mother. It was lots of fun but then Bella had to go home because she had a horse riding lessons. James was staying for supper and his parent were going to come over as well. While we were waiting for James’ family to come we played outside in the apple orchard and picked apples with one of the maids. After picking apples and playing tag for an hour James’ family arrived. For supper we had deer stew with vegetables from our garden and freshly baked bread. Once we were finished James and his family left to go home. After diner I had a bath and got ready for bed and then read my book for half an hour. I loved my book after searching for it for 3 months it was so worth it. Once I finished my book I decided to write in this diary and then I went to bed. Lots of love Amelia Characters: Rich Pearson: Amelia Charlotte Machado 10 Best friend: Bella Elizabeth Scotts 10 Younger brother: James Alexander collri 10 They live in London, England * The wealthy ate well, * a variety of animal meat * vegetables, sweets, soups and salads * Often had a

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