The Growth of Christianity in India

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY THE GROWTH OF CHRISTIANITY IN INDIA A RESEARCH PAPER SUBMITTED TO PROFESSOR RODNEY NICKENS IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR CHHI302 LIBERTY UNIVERSITY ONLINE BY ROBERT ORTIZ JR. LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA MARCH 4, 2013 INTRODUCTION India is a country known today by most Americans as a place where cows roam free, Bollywood is hotter than the Mohave Desert in midsummer, the Taj Mahal, and where a great many American companies turn to outsource jobs. India is also known for vast diversity in culture, export, geography, and religion – depending on who you ask of course. India is “roughly one-third the size of the United States” and yet boasts “the second largest population in the world, behind China.” Please include a thesis statement. Global Edge states the population in India is “1.2 billion and is growing at 1.3% a year,” they also tell us “more than half of the population depends on agriculture for its livelihood. 700 million Indians live on $2 per day or less…” and even though this is the case for millions of India’s population the economy in India has slowed over the last couple of years says, after having experienced a slight wave of economic growth; growth or no growth that has not thwarted the disparity between India’s rich and India’s poor. This disparity reaches deep into India’s religious arena. According to information provided by the Department of Religious Studies at University of California, in 2004 Hinduism accounts for a little more than 80% of the country’s religious affiliation. Christianity accounts for almost 2.5%, of which most are Roman Catholic. Table 1 expresses the distribution of religious affiliation. The Department of Religious Studies at University of California also offers a table showing how the distribution of religions, affect members of India’s

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