The Green Mile

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The Green Mile Final Essay Choose one of the following essay topics below and write an essay that consists of an introductory paragraph (with a properly started thesis statement), three body paragraphs (minimum 2 quotes/examples per body paragraph), and a concluding paragraph. You will have two in class periods to prepare your essay outline. You will have two lab periods to write your essay. Your essay is due at the end of class on Friday, May 13th, 2011. Please choose one of the following topics to formulate an essay around: 1) Someone who maintains a set of beliefs and is murdered because of them is called a martyr. In your opinion, is John Coffey a martyr? Give three main points that show he is or is not. 2) Historically, racism has played a major role in the lives of blacks in the southern US states, especially in relation to the legal system. Identify at least three occasions where you believe racism contributed to John Coffey’s death. 3) Through the series, Paul Edgecombe is portrayed as a fairly religious man. Cite at least three times in the series when his religious beliefs affected his decision-making process, and what the outcome was each time. 4) Mr. Jingles, the mouse, could be said to represent freedom (being the only thing or person that could come and go as he pleased). Give at least three reasons why you believe Delacroix and the others so readily accepted his presence. 5) Is Stephen King for or against the death penalty? From the novel, select evidence that proves your argument and present it in your essay. 6) Paul Edgecombe changes over the course of the story. What changes can your see? Explain the changes and what causes
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