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The Greatest Invention In My Eyes Essay

  • Submitted by: edisonzh
  • on April 8, 2012
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The Greatest Invention in My Eyes
Good morning, honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen:
It is my great honor to express my opinion here.
When we are asked the question “what’s the greatest invention?” ,ladies and gentlemen, what occurs to your minds? Computers? Mobile phones? Rockets? Cars or something like these? Yes, we must acknowledge that those excellent inventions really make a big contribution to our society. With them, we work more easily, travel more conveniently and live more happily.
However, thousands of audience have thousands of Hamlets, from my point of view, the greatest invention is, character.
Of course, it’s impossible for us now to find out the truth that when and where character was given birth to, and we can’t know exactly who invented it. But undoubtedly, when it came into being, the significance never fades.
As is known to all, character is the symbol of civilization. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors used many kinds of character to express something, about their faith, about the world, about the life they lived and about the feelings they had. Years have passed, people today still make full use of character.
Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever read some books and learned from them? Have you ever written some articles or words to show your own ideas and emotions? If the answers are “yes”, please hands up!…Oh, quite a number of you!
But let’s close our eyes and just imagine, what the situation will be if there is no character?
Without character, history will never be recorded and good traditions will be forgotten. Without character, we can not pass our experience to our posterity, or generation to generation. Without character, the books in front of you will just be white papers which look like pale faces. Without character, I even can’t prepare my speech well and give it to you now. Without character, we human beings will sure be thrown in endless darkness!
How pathetic!
So in a word, character is the greatest...

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