The Great War For Empire Essay

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The war that took place between the years of 1754-1763 in North America has been given many names by historians since the time period in which it occurred. In the colonies it was known as the French and Indian War, not for the two battling sides, but for who the two most eminent adversaries of the British were: the French army and the many Indian tribes throughout North America. In addition, it was called the Seven Years War in Europe. The final name given to the war, and possibly the most appropriate name, is the “Great War for Empire.” This name describes the distinguished purpose of the war, not just who the opponents are, or how many years it lasted. Wars are usually named for these such reasons, but in this case, the “Great War for Empire” gives much more information regarding the war, and most importantly the reason, and/or reasons, in which it took place. By naming the war for how many years it lasted, it does not give enough background information regarding the war itself. I feel that the names given are not sufficient enough, and that the primary name of the war that took place between 1754 and 1763 in North America should be called the “Great War for Empire.”…show more content…
The British and the French were fighting in the territory, and the rights to the land, in North America. Both sides sought for colonial power, which would lead to economic prosperity in their homeland, along with international status. An empire in the New World was the prize, and both countries, France and England, yearned for it. Only one could have it, so the war we call today the French and Indian War erupted out of this dispute. The outcome to this war would shape the future of both North America and Europe for

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