The Great Wall Of Chin Beginning Of Ying Zheng's Reign

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9/24/10 Period 2 Chris Guzman Qin Dynasty 1. Beginning of Ying Zheng’s reign. (Approximately 246 B.C.E.) a. Ying Zheng came to power as leader of the Qin Dynasty at age 13 after the death of his supposed father. i. Several plots arose to assassinate Ying Zheng including some by his own parents. ii. Did not have full power over the region until the age of 22, when he rid himself of his predecessor, Lu Buwei, who was also his probable real father. b. Assassination attempts i. Multiple were plotted against him, even by his own mother. ii. Grew paranoid as a result of multiple assassination attempts, and in one instance is said to have banished all foreign scholars…show more content…
Unification of northern China wasn’t the end of Shi Huangdi’s (Ying Zheng) reign however. i. He continued to expand his boundaries to the south. c. Created a central government that the empire could use. i. Reorganized the bureaucracy, abolishing the existing nobility and replacing them with his own appointed officials. ii. Built a system of roads with the capital Xianyang at the hub. iii. Simplified the written Chinese script, standardized weights and measures, and minted new copper coins. 4. The Great Wall of China a. Despite military might, the newly formed empire had a recurring threat from the North from the nomadic Xiangnu (Attila the Huns ancestors i. In an attempt to protect the newly created empire from them he ordered hundreds of thousands of peasants, criminals, and slaves to fulfill this task. 1. Thousands of these people died during this taks ii. Built between 220-206 iii. This was the creation of the first section of current day Great Wall of China. 5. Search for Immortality a. As Qin Shi Huangdi became middle aged, he grew more and more worried of

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