The Great Migration Sociology

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I’m-only-doing-this-because-I-have-nothing-better-to-do-in-my-life US History VERY MINI (yeah ok) RESEARCH PAPER The Great Migration – The Great Migration happened throughout 1916 all the way to 1970, which when you do the math is a whole 54 years. In 54 years you could go to college and get a house and marry and all these things that old people do but I’m going to use those 54 years to buy 72 cats and live with them. Yes. But anyways, in those 54 years about 6 million African-Americans moved or “migrated” to the North, Midwest and West from the clutch of the South. Pretty much what happened was, they started realizing that there were better jobs and more economic opportunities everywhere but in the South because Honey Boo Boo ate everything.…show more content…
They were both suffragists and women's rights advocates which already made them super cool but here’s the plot twist; THEY WERE BOTH BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE. BFFS. They were all like “man, these men are jerks; let’s go get our rights yeah? Yeah!” So they went and did that. They fought the man, the system and everything and then they formed the National Woman's Party in 1913 that fought for women’s rights during the suffrage movement. They were totally cool and stuff, They started the group as the "Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage" in 1913, but then they decided that the name didn't really fit their sound or image so they chaged it to the National Women's Party in 1917. After the 19th admendment that gave women the vote in 1920, they went after the passage of an equal rights amendment to the constitution. Congress was all like "yo, we cool mang, aight aight, you'll get cho amendment" BUT THEN PLOT TWIST; MOST OF THE STATES RATIFIED IT, BUT AT THE LAST MINUTE IN 1982, SOME JERK FACE NAMED PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY AND A COALITION OF CONSERVATIVES STOPPED THE BILL AND IT NEVER PASSED. SHAME ON YOU PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY, NONE FOR PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY. But however, they did succeed once again, in 1964, with the support of conservatives and no help from liberals, blacks and labor unions, they added "sex" to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Totally rad yo. So they made most
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