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The Great Greek Philosophers: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle Essay

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  • on June 9, 2013
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The Great Greek Philosophers: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

              The vast majority of philosophy derives its fundamentals from the thoughts and teachings of the great Greek philosophers Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato. They all held a rationalist approach to the theory of knowledge. The theory of knowledge is based on the concept that knowledge comes from a rational part of the mind, and not the senses, which could be tricked. Even though each of these individuals originated from different backgrounds, they were successive students of each other. Aristotle studied under Plato, who studied under Socrates. Their influence is still felt in almost everything we do today including: medicine, law, politics, art, and architecture.

              Socrates was born in 469 BCE in Athens, Greece.   He was birthed to a father who was a sculptor and a mother who was a midwife. He is considered to be one of the handful of philosophers that forever changed philosophy itself. All of the information known about him is second hand accounts of his students and devotees Plato and Xenophon; and the plays of Aristophanes. These accounts have been disputed throughout the years and said to be the views of others. According to Plato, Socrates believed that the truth is something that should not be only discussed, but lived, embodied, and practiced. One of his major contributions to Greek society was the Socratic method.

              The Socratic method is a negative method of hypothesis examination. A single definition of the Socratic method is not possible due to the diversity of how the method has been used in history. However, just asking a lot of questions does not automatically constitute the use of the Socratic method. The ultimate goal of this method is to increase understanding through inquiry. By questioning everything and everyone, in particular those who claimed to have knowledge, Socrates offended the leaders of his time. He questioned the men of Athens about...

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