The Great Gatsby Your Future Essay

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gatsby and your futureDesiree Nason Mrs. Sousa CP English 21 April 2013 The Future is ahead Being successful in life is almost everyone’s big plan, but how we get there is up to us. Life doesn’t have to be so serious to get to the top though. You need time to just live life. That will be my plan. Gatsby’s success wasn’t an accident and neither will mine. I will work hard to get to the top while I enjoy what I do. Graduating from High School is the first step. When I graduate from Gregori High School I hope to go to college. I will probably go un-declared until my sophomore year and just take my General Education classes. My mind is set on becoming a Criminal Profiler for the FBI. I am not positive if I want that as a Profession though. It will be a hard job, but I think it would be worth it. Graduating from college I hope will take me to a Big City to apply for jobs for what I majored in. I know I will have to start low but struggling is what makes you stronger. From this point I want to save money and begin to live life. Living my life will result in spending some of my savings on going to Paris, England, and if I haven’t been there yet, New York City. Hopefully I will go visit while I am in my twenties. If I have enough money I want to stay in each place for at least a week or two. After following my dreams I want to be adventurous. In being adventurous I want to Finish off my Bucket List. Examples would be Sky Diving, Learning to Surf, Jet-Ski, Open a Taco Tent on the beach, GO to Time square for New Years Eve, and so much more. I have 80 things on my bucket list right now at the age of 16. Being adventurous leads to Happiness and that is the key to life for me. Just like Money and Daisy was Gatsby’s Key to Life. Eventually everybody has to settle down. I hope to settle down by the time I am 32. Hopefully earlier though. You never know

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