The Great Gatsby Summary

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The Great Gatsby The narrator of the film is Nick Carraway, who we meet in the beginning of the film, where he has just bought or rented a small cottage by a lake on Long Island. On the other side of the lake the Buchanan’s live, and the lady of the House, Daisy, is Nick’s cousin. Nick goes to visit the Buchanan’s, where he also meets Jordan Baker, Daisy’s friend, who tells him that Daisy’s husband Tom has an affair with another woman, the gas station owner’s wife, Myrtle. Tom offers Nick a ride to the city, where Tom meets with his mistress and they have a party. At the party Myrtle’s sister tells Nick that neither Myrtle nor Tom are happy in their marriage. One day Nick receives an invitation to a party, thrown by his next door neighbor Mr. Jay Gatsby. The wealthy Mr. Gatsby lives in a huge mansion and throws parties every week, although he does not attend any of them himself. At the party Nick hears many of the guests talking about the mysterious Gatsby, and no one seems to know anything about him. Nick gets called to the mansion, where Mr. Gatsby is waiting for him. Gatsby finds out that Nick and Daisy know each other, and gets Nick to arrange a meeting between the two. It turns out that Daisy and Gatsby have had a love affair once, but have not seen each other for several years because of the war. After this Nick arranges a meeting and their reunion is the beginning of a new affair. At a mutual dinner at the Buchanan’s, Daisy, Tom, Jordan, Nick and Gatsby decide to go to the city to have some fun. They rent a hotel room, and this is where it all escalates. Gatsby tells Tom that he and Daisy are having an affair and that Daisy is planning to leave him. Gatsby also says that the only reason Daisy married Tom was because Gatsby was too poor to marry Daisy back then. Daisy and Gatsby leave the hotel together and they are both very upset. Daisy drives

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