The Great Gatsby - Roles of Women Essay

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Women play a huge role in The Great Gatsby. They are the reason for the main conflict that takes place. Women are seen as the big goal that men are constantly trying to reach, especially the main character, Jay Gatsby. The main characters all seek relief of stress through having affairs with other women, married or not. One woman who is looked to as a figure of affection is Jordan. The narrator of the story, Nick Carraway, is attracted to Jordan for the way she is as a person. Although Nick does not like some things about Jordan, he oversees those traits and lets his attraction toward her dominate his feelings. Their relationship, though, soon fades away and falls due to the event of the death of a woman named Myrtle, to which Jordan starts shows indifference and shallowness. This is the reason as to Nick and Jordan’s relationship falling apart. Another woman who helps support this thesis statement is one named Myrtle Wilson. She is the wife of a man named George Wilson, a low-class man that lives in The Valley of Ashes, an area between West Egg and New York. Tom Buchanan, a multimillionaire, seeks Myrtle secretly to have an affair with her to please his sexual desires. Myrtle is playing the role of the woman being seeked for relief because of this secret affair between the two. Her husband, George Wilson, does not suspect Myrtle of cheating on him because he could not imagine the idea of it. Myrtle does not care about her marriage with George and this is shown by the affair she has with Tom Buchanan. Tom searches for relief of sexual stress through an affair and he finds the solution with Myrtle,
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