The Great Gatsby: Rewritten Essay

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The Great Gatsby: Rewritten Gatsby jumped in the pool to cool off. It had been a long day and he needed to get his mind off of things. After wading in the pool for what felt like hours, Gatsby decided to get out and dry off. He climbed out of the pool, grabbed his towel and continued to dry off his face and hair. Suddenly, Gatsby heard a faint sound coming from the side of his house. It sounded like someone was cut off mid scream. He turned toward the direction of the scream and saw nothing. He decided to walk over to where he had heard the scream to see what or who had made the noise. As he approached the side of the house he saw a pool of red liquid. In his head he knew what it was, but he hoped it wasn’t what he was thinking and continued to cautiously walk over. As Gatsby rounded the corner he couldn’t believe his eyes. George Wilson’s face was plunged into a butler’s chest and he appeared to be gnawing on him. Gatsby stood there, paralyzed with fear. George slowly lifted his head until his eyes were locked with Gatsby’s. George’s face was pale and covered with blood and he had a horribly frightening look in his eyes. All of a sudden, George jumped up and started sprinting at Gatsby. Gatsby ran as fast as he possibly could towards his back door. He pulled it open and ran inside, George on his heels the whole time. Gatsby bolted up the stairs into his room and slammed the door shut. He panted and slumped against the door. So many thoughts were rushing through his head. “What just happened? What was wrong with George? Was that even George anymore?” He sat in front of the door for hours, wide-eyed and shocked by what had happened. All the while George, or whatever that was out there, was repeatedly banging on the door. Gatsby finally rose up from where he was sitting and walked to the window. He moved the curtain and looked outside. What he saw shocked him in

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