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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald When I sat down to write this presentation I had just seen the movie Midnight in Paris, which is a romantic comedy about an American couple who travels to Paris on vacation. The man, Gil, falls in love with the city and his dream is to move there after getting married. He thinks of Paris in the golden age, which were in the twenties according to him. One night when Inez goes dancing with her friends he wanders around the city alone. At midnight, an old car stops in front of him and the passengers tell him to join them, which he does. Suddenly, Gil realizes he's back in the 20's where he meets all of his favorite writers, artists and musicians. Among others, he meets Scott Fitzgerald. This movie came out in 2011 and I had no idea Fitzgerald was to be mentioned in the movie. This is evidence of how popular Fitzgerald has become in America since his glory days, in the 20's, and he is still read by most students in the United States. I, however, had never heard of neither the Great Gatsby nor the writer, until I got this assignment so I looked him up. Francis Scott Fitzgerald in 1896 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He wrote four novels and many short stories and created the term the Jazz Age, about the dazzling 1920's. He was married to the legendary Zelda Fitzgerald. He died in 1940 and is considered one of the finest American writers of the 20th century. The Great Gatsby, from 1925, takes place in Long Island, New York. The story is told by Nick Carraway, a wealthy stock broker. When he moves into Long Island he meets Jay Gatsby, the great, who lives next door to Nick in a mansion and throws splendid parties for fancy New Yorkers. Another important character is Daisy Buchanan. She's Nick's cousin and married to Tom Buchanan. She is a true beauty, and although she and Jay are no longer a couple he can't forget her. He's
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