The Great Gatsby Monologue

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The Great Gatsby This monologue is written from Gatsby’s perspective and takes place when he is floating in his pool before he is killed. What has Daisy become, how could she … No, her nefarious husband Tom must have poisoned her mind. How I wish I could purge myself of what I saw. Her beautiful face, twisting grotesquely in a malevolent smile as she ran down that hapless lady. Daisy so sophisticated, elegant … her alluring beauty like an addictive drug captivating my mind, ensnaring the senses. She kept me going, her benevolent radiance lighting up those dark and bitter cold nights. Never could I have comprehended the evil capable of humanity. There was nothing great about the Great War; a million miles from home, frozen to the bone covered in mud and blood. Oh god, the blood. In all its terrible hues, fresh crimson red from the lungs to dirty black from the liver. Ha the fools, I did not fight for this unscrupulous cesspit of a society, hiding behind their wealth, luxury, fake smiles and honeyed words. Such a disparity to what I have witnessed in the war. The swirl and muddle of rough and raw emotions of the battlefield, permeating the air like a smog. They think war is a game … when someone is shot they merely die… They do not know, cannot know the truth, cannot hear the screams of dying broken men, crying for their mothers. The tremor of men in their death throes, missing limbs, spewing their own entrails. The malodorous fetor of death loosened bowels. How could we have fathomed the unvarnished nature of war, it was supposed to be an adventure to find our true measure. What became of that sweet and innocent Daisy, her opulent grace and tender smile that enraptured my heart. Alas, those were the golden days, of moonlit walks and blissful memories. Her luscious eyes exuded an outrageous aura of wealth and confidence that seemed to smother my impoverished
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