The Great Gatsby- Is Nick a Trustworthy Narrator? Essay

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“Even though Nick claims he’s not judgemental his presentation of other characters encourage the reader to make their own judgements about them.” To what extent do you agree with the statement Thesis: Although Nick purports that he has reserved all judgements with regards to his summer in west egg. Innumerable occasions reveal that a deeper seated bias against the characters in The Great Gatsby. Nicks detractors have described him variously ( and over excessively) “ as an detract archpriest, panderer, prig, spiritual bankrupt, hypocrite, and an “moral eunuch”; a man capable of neither assertive action nor self knowledge.” But to accuse Nick of such faults might seem obscene an churlish. Nick is after all the lone moral consciousness of the novela, only he seems to grasp the richness of meaning, the ineffable dream and it’s foul awake on the events on long Island that summer. Yet the limitations of Nick’s character do have some narrative consequences, for Nick sometimes only sees part of the meaning that a scene carries, sometimes shifts the tide of events and can even strain “judgement” out of inconclusive evidence. Nick develops a change of view during the course of the novel. Concurrently as Nick reveals a growing determination to depict events in a fixed way, his flights of responsive imagination on the way he portrays characters and the rosy- tinted hue that he sees the world through slowly diminishes. “ I had familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” After chapter 6 the glimmer of hope in Nicks subconscious is averted to that of a more sinister, nebulous tone. This darkening tone, then, proceeds in the part of Nick’s evolving consciousness and subsequently effecting how the reader depicts the novel. A world through Nicks eyes. F. scott Fitzgerald shares much of an resemblance with both the observant Nick and the
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