The Great Gatsby Is Great Essay

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Loud Jazz music, lights, and joyous people adorned the atmosphere every weekend at West Egg during the summer of 1922. A mysterious newly rich figure, named Gatsby, threw the most extravagant parties where hundreds of people joined him to have a good time. No one in West Egg had ever met this man or knew why he threw the biggest parties every weekend. To be sincere no one really cared because this man’s mysteriousness contributed to the jubilant environment of party and relaxation people enjoyed. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” serves as a good title for his work because Gatsby shows his greatness at a deeper level through his romantic determination to gain his one true love, through his personal qualities of being a loyal person, and his demonstration of pursuing and conquering the American Dream. The mysteriousness that surrounds Jay Gatsby is introduced to the reader by Nick Caraway’s first sight of Gatsby. Gatsby is first seen as “he stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way…I could have sworn he was trembling (Fitzgerald 20)” Nick takes his eyes off Gatsby for a moment as he noticed a green light at the end of a dock. When Nick looks again to where Gatsby was “he had vanished, and I was alone again in the unquiet darkness (Fitzgerald 21).” Jay Gatsby, born Jay Gatz, was born into a poor farmer family from North Dakota. As a young man he struggled to attend college and he decided to drop out after became tired of working as a janitor to be able to pay for college. In 1917, during military training Gatsby met a young wealthy girl named Daisy which became the love of his life. The green light that Gatsby was looking at the end of the dock came from East Egg where Daisy Buchanan lived. Gatsby’s greatness comes in deep from his heart through his romantic determination to gain Daisy’s heart back after he finds out she married a wealthy

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