The Great Gatsby- Ideas for How Fitzgerald Tells the Story in Chapter One

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In Chapter 1 it is important that Fitzgerald establishes Nick Carraway's character as the narrator of the story and to also set the tone for which the rest of the story will follow. Fitzgerald successfully meets this criteria as it is clear from the first sentence that there is a first person narrator, which means that the narration will be very opinionated and what is said cannot always be taken as fact. The first thing we learn about Nick is a quote from what his father told him when he was younger that he has 'been turning over in his mind ever since.' His father said to him 'Whenever you feel like criticising anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven't have the advantages that you've had.' This leads us to believe that Nick's family are very successful and he has had a very privileged life. Nick's comments to his father’s advice is 'I'm inclined to reserve all judgements' which informs the reader that Nick is not judgemental and will not judge people on initial view but rather after he has learned more about the person. Fitzgerald has chosen this characteristic in Nick as it is a good way for a narrator to be as his views as he will not be prejudiced in his outlook. Fitzgerald has also used direct speech which is a good literary technique to use as it shows that Nick can recall events clearly which yet again is a good thing for a narrator to be able to do. Also, the structure of chapter one is of Nick talking about events that have already past, we can trust him as a narrator as he is looking in hindsight we know that he will have clear reasons for his views, and therefore provides even more reason for the reader to trust Nicks character. Another example of how Fitzgerald has given Nick good characteristics for his role as a narrator is when he shows a man directions to West Egg Village, he says ‘And as I walked on I was lonely no longer. I

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