The Great Gatsby Essay

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How is the theme of love related with the theme of money in The Great Gatsby? When I started to read "The Great Gatsby" I was extremely impressed by how skillfully Scott Fitzgerald showed us all the unvarnished truth of those years with all the worst sides of people's lives, beliefs and values. I find it unbelievable how the themes of money, wealth and love are related and kept close to each other. Moreover I can confidently say that all this concepts I've mentioned before are perceived as a single meaning. Your place in society was valued much more than your mind and soul and obviously even more than your feelings and senses. In my point of view it's very sad that people forgot about things that are really matters in life, that unworthy concepts viewed as most important and first looked at. The most important thing that goes throughout the hole book and it's main idea is that Gatsby was trying to buy Daisy's love. He did everything for her, using the most powerful point of people's of those days lives. He used all his power and all his money and all his possibilities, even all his life to reach one unachievable goal, to reach Daisy that represented to him the hole concept of the world she lived in. The world he dreamed about since he was a child, been a son of a poor farmers he felt that the was born for another, more worthy destiny. And Daisy was the one who stetted the bar for him and became his cherished dream, but winning her love was not only about his strong feelings to her, it was a symbol if successful wealthy life he had never lived in. Jay unconditionally wanted to get Daisy's love and he believed that money and beautiful life is the only way to win her heart, and of course he was absolutely right. “’Her voice is full of money,’ he said suddenly. That was it. I’d never understood it before. It was full of money – that was the inexhaustible

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