The Great Gatsby: Achieving the American Dream

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The Great Gatsby Essay Jay Gatsby The Great Gatsby is a novel written by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. In the beginning of the novel, Gatsby comes to New York to win over Daisy. However by the end of the novel, Gatsby is not able to win over Daisy and dies for her sake. Gatsby uses his wealth to lure Daisy over, Daisy wasn’t able to marry Gatsby in the past because of his economic status; now that Gatsby is wealthy, it has become easier for Daisy to think of excuses to leave Tom. He tries to win over Daisy’s heart by repeating what they did in the past because he thought that’s when everything was perfect. Gatsby is too hard headed to realize that Daisy is a different person now and the circumstances are completely different. What Gatsby didn’t realize was that it was never destined for him to win over Daisy because then the pain and misery he suffered from losing her before would last much longer this time around. Jay Gatsby fails at achieving the American Dream because his mind set of trying to achieve love by repeating past actions is the reason he doesn’t win over Daisy. Gatsby’s dream is to be with Daisy, he uses his wealth, the wealth that he never has when he first met Daisy. Gatsby throws crazy, lavish parties on the weekends that most wealthy people in the area attend, and buys his mansion that comes with an amazing view of the bay and East side; all this was done for Daisy. Gatsby uses his wealth as a reason of why Daisy should leave Tom, by doing so he is showing he has a better materialistic life, instead of showing that he has a better personality and character. If Gatsby showed that he matured and developed as a person, she would probably leave Tom because he can’t replicate Gatsby’s personality. Everything Gatsby does is for Daisy, and in the end it all goes to waste. Gatsby fails at trying to win over Daisy is

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