The Great Gatsby Essay

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* The Great Gatsby title was formulated with the intention of heightening the characterisation through the use of irony. Within the novel, Gatsby is presented as a man who seems to be very glamorous and powerful while they have already been influenced to see him in a positive way through the title. However, this view of Gatsby is changed as Fitzgerald continuously reveals his flaws within Gatsby and his way of building the life he has. Therefore the title is ironic as it enhances Gatsby’s character and serves as a basis of contrast between how Gatsby appears to be an outsider to what he seems to be. * The title is ironic as although Gatsby is “great” he is also a fake. His real name is Jay Gatz, however he had changed his name to Jay Gatsby, due to Dan Cody and to make himself the perfect persona for Daisy. Due to this change, Gatsby also made himself from an oridinary person to a person who is full of hopefulness and confidence who attempts for perfection in everything. This makes Gatsby believe in his own lies and could not imagine a way that Daisy would reject him. However, when Daisy does reject Gatsby, “Jay Gatsby” falls apart and only “Jay Gatz” is left. When “Jay Gatz” dies, this symbolises that after the creation of “Jay Gatsby”, “Jay Gatz” can no longer survive reality. Therefore the title is ironic because even though Gatsby is great due to him being larger than life in his optimism, however this optimism is what makes him fall apart and kills him. * The title is ironic as within the novel it is evident that Gatsby is not great, especially since he bootlegs his money. However, to the Buchanans, Gatsby is great. This is shown at the end of the novel when he shows integrity and courage and takes the blame for

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