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The Great Gatsby The novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a great American story from the 1920s. In, the novel there are many main characters, but the most important main character is the charming Jay Gatsby. In this page turning thriller Gatsby has forced himself into a love triangle. Gatsby is in love with Daisy Buchannan; who happens to be married to Tom Buchannan. In, the novel it is revealed that Gatsby dies. There is one scene that takes place at the Plaza Hotel which leads us to a major discovery of who Gatsby’s true killer is. Although, George Wilson is the one who pulled the trigger; it is Tom who is truly responsible for Gatsby’s death. In chapter 7, Tom’s anger towards Gatsby turns into an enormous argument at the Plaza Hotel. During the argument, Daisy tells Tom to have a little self-control due to all the questioning towards Gatsby. Tom quickly replies with anger; “Self-control!”, “I suppose the latest thing is to sit back, and let Mr. Nobody form nowhere make love to your wife.” Moreover, this argument upsets Daisy even more considering she is already sinking into herself thinking over and over how she has to tell Tom she never loved him. However, she tends to put this off as she listens to Gatsby and Tom yell back and forth at each other. Then, all of a sudden Gatsby reveals that Daisy’s news to Tom. Then, Tom begins to question her on how she never loved him. This makes Daisy not only physically unstable, but mentally unstable as well. Furthermore, Tom sees that they have upset Daisy enough, and tells her to leave with Gatsby. “You two start home Daisy,” said Tom. “In Mr. Gatsby’s car.” Gatsby insisted that Daisy drive because he thought it would help calm her nerves. On the other hand, this probably wasn’t a good idea due to the fact that she was so upset. If, Tom hadn’t of told Daisy

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