The Great Gatsby Essay

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1. The setting of The Great Gatsby is crucial. The story would not be the same if it took place anywhere but New York. The uniqueness of New York brings out qualities seen in the characters. The setting also focuses on prohibition of alcohol, glamour and it brings to light how Tom, Nick, and Daisy all escape the lower class and is now living the American dream. This compares to the Valley of Ashes where the lower class lives a life of struggle. Also, the weather throughout the story corresponds with major events. For example, the day that Gatsby and Daisy are reunited it is raining, at the beginning it is awkward and uncomfortable and Gatsby believes the whole meeting is a mistake. By the end of the meeting Daisy is crying tears of joy and Gatsby is glowing with happiness. The weather outside has changed – the rain has stopped. 2. Throughout the novel, Appearance vs. Reality is a huge factor. It is seen in many characters, for example, Myrtle. When Myrtle is with Tom it makes her feel like she is in the same class as him. Jordan Baker also tends to deceive people into thinking that she is completely honest. However, when she is playing golf and no one is looking she moves the ball to get a better hit. This makes her appear to be good at golf but in reality, she is a cheater. Most importantly, Gatsby. He is a mysterious and very wealthy man. Where did he get his money? He tells Nick “I am the son of wealthy people in the Middle West, all dead now.” (pg. 65) However, Nick knows otherwise. Also, Gatsby dresses different than everyone else, he throws extravagant parties. Gatsby is covering things up, it’s all a costume. 3. The reliability of Nick Carraway is not all that reliable. Nick says he’s honest and nonjudgmental, however I believe that he is fairly judgmental. He states that Tom is crude and Daisy is shallow, these seem like judgmental thoughts. Also,

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