The Great Gatsby Essay

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Mrs. Gareis American literature December 21 2012 Wealth and happiness Since the beginnings of times, people have always pursued for the best, they always wanted to be better than everyone else and they wanted to achieve happiness. Happiness is what everyone is seeking for, is having that feeling of satisfaction and comfort with the people you love. Being wealthy and having money can help you obtain happiness, but having money does not guarantee that you will achieve happiness, many people make this mistake, they think that money alone will bring them happiness and they don’t care about who the person is but for that that person will give them. Money plays a great role in love, which explains Gatsby’s decision to devote his entire life in achieving the material goods to satisfy the woman he really loves, Daisy. Gatsby says the Quote, “Her voice is full of money,” about Daisy. (76). It means that Daisy its always around wealthy people and if he wanted to be with her he had to be on her same social status by becoming wealthier. Jay Gatsby was very wealthy but did not achieve happiness. Jay Gatsby wanted to achieve the American dream by obtaining daisy’s love, and he knew the only way he could to it was by impressing her with material goods. He was so desperate to get rich that he got his money in a criminal way, by bootlegging. All he wanted was daisy. When he finally got wealthy all he wanted was to gain daisy’s attention by throwing extravagant parties, hoping by chance she might show up at one of them, but he never attended to one of his parties. All he did was watch from a distance. His feelings for Daisy make him strive to fit into society. Eventually, he got daisy’s attention but it was too late. Daisy had established her life and family with tom already even though she still had strong feelings for Gatsby. That explains Gatsby’s behavior

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