The Great Gatsby Essay

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There are numerous underlying themes in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, the most important of which being the theme of dreams. The theme of dreams is more important to this novel than the theme of honesty, because it is the dreams of the characters that ultimately lead them to be dishonest. Furthermore, the theme of dreams usurps the theme of time because the characters in this novel only wish to go to certain points in time that would make it easier for them to achieve their dreams. Clearly it is accurate to say that the theme that truly illustrates what “The Great Gatsby” is really about is the theme of dreams. There are many factors that influence people to be either honest or dishonest, none as inspiring as one’s dreams. The dreams of the main characters in “The Great Gatsby” are what lead them to decisions they make and the actions they take, these actions being, for the most part, dishonest. It is Tom’s dream of the re-attaining “dramatic turbulence of some irrecoverable football game” (Fitzgerald, 6) that leads him to constantly cheat on Daisy. As Nick phrases it, Tom had “reach[ed] such an acute limited excellence at twenty-one that everything after-ward savors of anti-climax” (6). Tom feels like his life of success and excitement is winding down and so he has affairs in order to feel some exhilaration, in order to recreate that “dramatic turbulence” that he felt when he was at his happiest point in life. Jordan Baker is another character who is spoiled and used to getting her way. To Jordan, not getting her way is unfathomable and she therefore lies and cheats accordingly. Jordan’s dream is to continue getting what she wants all the time, and because of this desire she is “incurably dishonest” (58). Jordan is so dependent on being capable of cheating without getting caught that she will choose her company based on who she can fool and cheat.

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