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There are many similarities between F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jay Gatsby in the story The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald put so many important experiences from his life into the novel, and many traits from himself he put into the character, Jay Gatsby. “The Great Gatsby” is mainly on the reuniting on Jay Gatsby and the love of his life Daisy from being separated for several years ( Fitzgerald created a vision through Gatsby ( The three main similarities are the love for Daisy and Zelda, alcoholism, and Fitzgerald’s traits in Gatsby. Fitzgerald’s real love for Zelda resembles Gatsby’s love for Daisy in the story. “Unwilling to wait while Fitzgerald succeeded in the advertisement business and unwilling to live on his small salary, Zelda Sayre broke their engagement” ( Daisy broke up with Gatsby because he was going off to war and he has lost all of his money. In the story it said that rich girls don’t marry poor men, and that is shown in both Gatsby and fitzgerald. “the publication of this side of paradise on march 26, 1920, made the twenty-four year old fitzgerald famous almost over night, and a week later he married Zelda sayre in new york. Zelda married fitzgerald when he became famous and had a lot of money. Daisy married Gatsby when he impressed her with his big parties. “daisy is won over, oddly, by the amount of shirts that Gatsby owns” ( In the story daisy and Gatsby break up because Gatsby is going to world war 1, fitzgerald dropped out of Princeton to join the army, and went into world war 1. After Zelda and fitzgerald got married they moved to new York and got an apartment there. In the story, while daisy and fitzgerald had just started dating again, they got a secret apartment in new York. Gatsby had lavishing parties to try to impress

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