The Great Escape Essay

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Dilemma An option was made, we either had to choose between A or B. If we chose either one of them we still would have been between a rock and a hard place so it was bad either way. We were in a place that you could call it hell! My team had to make a quick decision because were risking our lives. An idea struck one of my mates. If we chose either one of them we still were in a certain discomfort, so it all came by the wind. As we discussed the plan we made everything timed, if something was missed we could say that we were in a hopeless case were there will be no choices just problems with no solutions. Thank God everything went as we planned. Me and my team formed part with the MI6.The choices they had were simple but hard to think. Choice A was we give them the case and let them go or B they keep the case and burn everything inside it. The criminals had taken a case filled with papers which were our only proof we had. The director sent us to go and take our stuff back even though it had to do with the criminals it was the only proof we had to stop them. At the time of speaking one of them came in the cell were we were being held as ‘prisoners’. The case was in the leaders study. The plan was simple in our gloves hidden under was a small razor which easily could cut in the ropes which were getting into our palm bit by bit. After fifteen minutes of cutting into the ropes we were free although we had a terrible mark on our hands. Every fifteen minutes a watchman passed by, for the first fifteen minutes we stood as we were but untied. After the watchman passed by we went out of the room secretly without even taking breathe so we could stick with the plan. The study was dead no one was in there. We could see the case hidden under the table. I ordered one of my mates to go and fetch the case without leaving any finger prints on he wore a pair of gloves.

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