The Great Depression Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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The stock market crashing, scarcity of jobs and opportunity, economic slump, these were once descriptions that accurately depicted the great depression and American life from 1929-1939. However, as time goes on those depressing images and loss of confidence within the United States’ system is becoming more familiar, and some of the documents written in that time period seem to have come right out of a paper today. Maybe history does in fact repeat itself, and the documents I chose represent that, and are easy to relate to. To begin to understand this period of time on a personal level, we must understand what happened, how it happened and its impact on the United States historically. During the late 1910’s and 1920 America was prospering, we had become urbanized, industrialized and established ourselves as a world power. The nation’s productivity was at an all…show more content…
When he explains his plan for America he openly recognizes the issues, he doesn’t sugar coat the situation so people are aware of what they are about to undergo, and he is fully aware of the situation himself. With this awareness, he is able to isolate the problems and propose a plan for each The majority of the objective part of his speech begins with a problem, then “it can be helped by…” showing that he does know what he is doing and that he is deserving of people placing their confidence within him, because they know what to expect. Also, he makes the nation’s problems seem solvable and when people felt as though this was the end of the U.S. he made it be known we had not hit rock bottom “In such a spirit on my part and on yours we face our common difficulties. They concern, thank god, only material things”(Franklin D. Roosevelt, Documents Set p.340) helping Americans to realize that not all was
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