The Great Depression Essay

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The Great Depression There was a period of time when despair and hopelessness hit Americans at full blast. It took place between 1929 and the 1940's and it was an event called "The Great Depression" On October 29, 1929, the day of the stock market crash is when the end for so many Americans started. The banks started closing due to the fact that they invested so much of their money in the stock market and when the people started withdrawing their saving's from banks. Unfortunately, some Americans didn't even make it to the banks to withdraw their savings. Millions upon millions of Americans started losing their jobs as well and a lot of it had to do with the fact that so many businesses and industries closed when nobody could afford to buy even the essential items to live let alone any luxury items. Usually during these times of hardships, the farmers would usually be more safe than others, but in this case, they weren't. They could usually feed themselves, but also at this period of time, they were hit horribly with terrible dust storms and drought leading to no crops. What was left of the banks foreclosed on them when they couldn't pay back what they borrowed. Many people traveled by foot or hitchhiked trying their best to find any jobs that they could. The current president during that time was Herbert Hoover. He tried often speaking about optimism to everyone "I have, but one desire: that is, to see my country again on the road to prosperity" , but even then all of the people blamed him for all the events. When the time came for the re-election, Herbert didn't stand a chance. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected. He was known as a hero because they believed that he actually cared deeply for everyone that was affected and all of the events. Some people at the time might have thought Roosevelt saved them, but it is unclear as to how much he actually did. The

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