The Great Depression Essay

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The Great Depression By: Farina Feraydounpour and Breeanna Ridgway After WW1, Canadian’s expected a significant change. Canada was slowly but surely starting to become their own nation. Canadian life was exciting. Clubs, cinemas, jazz music, and then when the Great Depression hit, it was like none of those things ceased to exist. Now throughout history, Canadians have been involved in many important events, but the most significant by far was the Great Depression. The government became involved for the first time, Canadian’s had to think on their feet to overcome the depression, Canadians joined forces with one another and helped each other survive, and Canadians learned how to survive through Great Depression and be better prepared for future recessions. For the first time in Canadian history, the government became involved in citizen affairs. At first, Prime Minister King insisted that the depression would pass and refused to provide Canadians with any help. He believed that if you didn’t have a job or if you didn’t have any money, it was either because you were lazy or useless. Then when Prime Minister Bennett was elected in, he saw that this was too big a difficulty for Canadians to handle on their own. Prime Minister Bennett established work camps for single men, he made the government hand out food stamps so people would be able to eat and feed their families. He would even send people money from his own pockets so they could by themselves a jacket or help pay their rent for the month. The Great Depression was dreadful time and many Canadian’s had to sacrifice everything so they could support their families. Many Canadian moved from place to place to find a job so that they could supply an income for their families and many children were forced to drop out of school so they could find a job to help support the income. Also, many people were

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