The Great Depression Essay

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Marilyn Ortiz Prof. Southwell Eng 221 School Uniforms at school Students should be required to wear school uniforms, it may cause reductions in fights, weapons in school, and also substance abuse. I agree with students having to wear uniforms to school because I have children of my own. It lessons some worries I have with gang problem we have today and also does help out finically. Although my children oppose to wearing uniforms I feel this will teach them how to be more responsible and give them a sense of reality. As parents we should be more informed in regards to school uniforms and how this may or may not affect our children. In 1996 the department of education recommended that school administrations work with parents, teachers, and students in determining the style, affordability and availability of uniform. According to the Department of Education, schools that had uniform policies experienced reductions in fights, substance abuse, and weapons in school. These are things we should be more informed and aware about when it comes to our children. Opponents believe school uniforms compromise a student’s right to freedom of expression. Uniforms restrict the opportunities for expression during a significant time of self-discovery and growth. Uniforms stifle that growth, limit the chances to gain self-confidence and potentially stall the transitions from adolescence to adulthood. The effectiveness of school uniforms is a subject to raging debate, and school officials routinely claim their own positive experiences justify the imposition of uniforms. Overall uniforms had no positive statistical correlation with drug use, attitudes towards school, or student achievement. I strongly disagree with this statement I believe students have the rights to express themselves as individuals and the right to free expression. Clothing should not define who you are and what

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