The Great Depression Essay

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History Essay To what extent did one or more governments solve the problems caused by the Great Depression? Bettie George 1135 Words To a moderate extent both the government's of the United States of America and Germany solved the problems caused by the Great Depression. As a result of weaknesses in the American economy and a great deal of speculation, the Wall Street crash of 1929 was responsible for the Great Depression in America and the resultant repercussions faced by Western countries. In the United States of America the newly elected President Roosevelt implemented political, social and economic reform in addition to recovery and relief measures in response to the Great Depression. These programs came in the form of the New Deal, which, to a moderate extent solved the problems caused by the great depression. However, it can be said that, while the New Deal went a long way toward alleviating the worst suffering of the Depression, it did not solve the problems caused by the Great Depression. It was the threats and resultant response associated with the forthcoming War that ended the depression in America by returning the economy to pre-depression levels of employment and prosperity. On the other hand, Hitler and the Nazi Government of Germany used more radical methods to the solve the country's two main problems caused by the Great Depression, desperate unemployment and a crisis in German farming. To a great extent these efforts were successful to the degree that Germany's economy recovered quicker than other Western countries. Although it cannot be denied that much of the recovery from the Great Depression was mainly driven by a rebound effect and their social reform was unsuccessful. Even though Germany followed a more expansionary fiscal policy than Britain or the United States, up to 1936 German recovery was no more advanced. While both the United

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