The Great Depression Essay

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The Great Depression American History 06/07/2012 The great depression was a time of debt. The depression caused many families to have family problems that started with the loss of jobs and the lack of money. I choose this topic because it is a historical moment in history. The year was 1929. This is the start of the biggest national crisis since the civil war. The Great Depression had important consequences and was a devastating event in America, however many good policies and programs became available as a result of the great depression, some of which exist even today. The stock market was very popular in the 1920s, and was said to be an easy way to make money. When the stock market crashed all who has invested lost their money. An economic catastrophe of major proportions had been building for years. American citizens were panicking from the news, and the bank lines started to grow. This lead to banks foreclosing farm mortgages and by the early 1930s thousands upon thousands of American farmers were out of business. At the depth of the depression, in 1933-1935, one American worker in every four was out of a job. It was a time when federal and state officials were still developing work programs for the unemployed. Citizens were starving and most did not have food, water or even a home. Some even build tents for shelter. Free food was provided to those who needed food and drink, there were always huge crowds and massive lines for the food and drink. When the Depression began, there was no federal relief for the unemployed or assistance for families facing starvation. Some states operated relief programs but curtailed them due to declining tax revenues. Religious and charitable organizations provided relief in many urban areas; however, in many of these organizations operating in the North as well as the South, there was a lot of discrimination and

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