The Great Chain Of Being Essay

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There was a notion elaborated during the Medieval Ages. Such notion was supposed to bring balance into this world, and make everything perfectly associated into certain categories. A notion which made those with power acquire more power, and those with weakness gain more weakness. This has settled things for humanity for a long period of time with hundreds of years, even used –but not completely- up to this day. Is it really useful? Does it make life comes to order? Does it bring equality in this place which we call earth? That is what I am going to investigate. The Great Chain of Being appears to me as a way which brings calamities amongst humanity if used in its full meaning. I will prove that the use of such notion in its complete meaning would bring nothing but failure and misery, and it mainly a way to let those with higher statuses in the society to find an excuse to control those lower than them, in the chart known as The Great Chain of Being. The Great Chain of Being comes from the Latin word Scala Naturae, which literally means “Stair-way of nature” (Wikipedia). It means that there is a certain path this universe undertakes, and that all the creation is categorized and put into several levels depending on the level of perfection they have. The highest in this chain – which is the most perfect- being God, then Angels, Kings, all the way to stones. Such is the way the Main Church of England has been using. Furthermore, this leads to the sheer belief in what was known as the Divine Right of Kings, which means that a king –or a queen- is appointed to their throne by the will of God. Thus, it makes them correct with their decisions no matter what they were. Professor Johann P. Sommerville stated that “In every kingdom, the king's power comes directly from God, to whom the ruler is accountable; power does not come to the king from the people and he is not
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