The Great Atticus Essay

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The Great Atticus Teacher: Mr.Gale By: Anjana Y Live by your morals and always follow you heart because that is the only way you can ever be true to yourself. The book “To Kill the Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, explores the characteristics of the 1930’s, and the struggles between races in a small community. Atticus Finch is a moral guide and a great teacher. Through the changes he had made in Scout, Jem, and the community, it is evidently proved that Atticus Finch serves as a moral guide and a teacher. In a way, Atticus has slowly transformed almost all the characters in the book to a more matured and understanding character by living the way he wants others to live. Scout , the little childish character at the start of the book , has changed in a big way at the end of the book when she drops Mr. Boo Radley at his house. Scout, a child who grew up with no mother around, tends to be the rough tomboy type character at the beginning of the book. She never really understands any of the issues that go around her in the community. Atticus’s effort to changing Scout’s lifestyle is clearly a success. Atticus’s various morals and actions had taught so many things to Scout. When Atticus is talking to Scout, he mentions that “you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view” ( Lee, 30) . Here Atticus is explaining to Scout about the mistake she had made about her teacher. This quote is followed after Scout discusses about the horrible day at her school because of her teacher who did not understand anything about Maycomb County. Scout soon learns that she cannot expect someone to learn about an entire community in few days. She applies Atticus’s lesson and understands that Ms.Caroline was just new and needed time to get used to this different community. This lesson is brought back when Scout drops off Mr.Boo at his house : “ Atticus

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