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Emanuel Ramirez Biology December 2, 2009 GRACE Project #4 The Gray Wolf The Gray Wolf is an amazing species of animal that is currently endangered. In my study of this animal I became saddened to see this them slowly diminish mostly because of humans. This animal is a beautiful animal that ranges from 50-90 lbs; 4-5 feet long; adult males are larger than adult females. Wolves differ from domestic dogs in a more varied nature. Anatomically, wolves have smaller orbital angles than dogs. The dentition of grey wolves is better suited to bone crushing than those of other modern canines, though it is not as specialized as that found in hyenas The Gray Wolf is definitely a hunter. In my study, I ran across many videos of Wolfs hunting their pray. It was interesting to me to find that the wolf is an omnivore. Staples for the Gray Wolf are Ungulates (large hoofed mammals) like elk, deer, moose and caribou.
Wolves are also known to eat beaver, rabbits and other small prey. Wolves are also scavengers and often eat animals that have died due to other causes like starvation and disease.These animals seem to be only meat eaters but this in fact is not true. These animals have a reproduction cycle much as any other canine. They have litters that consist of 1-11 pups. Ranging out at 5 pups a round, the wolves reach sexual maturity roughly after two to three years. These animals live six to ten years in the wild. High mortality rates give them a low overall life expectancy. Pups die when food is scarce; they can also fall prey to predators such as bears, tigers, or other wolves. The most significant causes of mortality for grown wolves are hunting and poaching, car accidents, and wounds inflicted while hunting prey. Although adult wolves may occasionally be killed by other predators, rival wolf packs are often their most dangerous non-human enemy. I found it

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