The Grapes Of Wrath: The Greatest Generation Analysis

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Tom Joad: The exemplary GI John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath, was first published in 1939. Despite the many attempts to regulate the distribution of the novel, it has become one of the most famous accounts of the Post-Depression era. The novel follows the Joads, a family from Oklahoma who loose their farm because of the Dust Bowl events. The chapters combine general depictions of the situation of all the Oklahoma families with detailed accounts of the happenings of the Joad family. The Grapes of Wrath has been publicly accepted as a reflection of society in that time period. It includes many interactions between the two main groups at the moment, the older group, known as the Lost Generation and the GIs. One of the most heated debates among historians and sociologists has been whether or not the Greatest Generation was as noble and ethical as it has come to be known. Members of that generation are those born after 1902 all the way to those who were old enough to fight in World War II. Several authors have expressed their opposing viewpoints in their book chapters and essays. Tom Brokaw presents in his introduction to "The Greatest Generation" an overwhelming list of achievements and praise for the GIs. On the other hand, Leonard Steinhorn, in "The Greater Generation" uses similar techniques to criticize the GIs as selfish individuals who were unable to…show more content…
She is pregnant and happily married to Connie Rivers. During the first chapters the reader will not get a clear sense of who she is as a person. But when the family starts its trip to California in search of job we start to see an array of qualities which is not as positive as we would expect from a GI if we are basing our concept in Tom Brokaw’s article. She is selfish and creates a bubble around herself and her baby. Chapter 13 describes how she even started to keep her husband out of her own

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